Unable to Cash Check, Homeowner must Stall Repairs

blog-image_2015-07-09Water seepage bubbles up through the floor boards from a broken pipe

My own home is a case in point for lessons learned on how not to settle a claim. Settlements ought to run smoothly. Claimants should not be inconvenienced with long wait times and step-by-step processes before receiving their funds. Insurers have been down this road a million times. If customer experience were so important, then why are homeowners left feeling alienated by the payment process, especially as it relates to third parties?

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Assessing the Damage When the Levee Breaks

Picture1Many will remember the winter of 2015 as one featuring ice dams, burst water pipes, and the threat of roof collapse. But whether from snowstorm, flood, or leaky plumbing fixture, water damage is an event that occurs throughout the year — accounting for a whopping 22% of all homeowners insurance claims and averaging $4,000 a claim, according to the I.I.I.

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Year in Review: Catastrophe Losses Not What You Thought in 2012

When the word “catastrophe” is used in relation 2012, several different events come to mind: Superstorm Sandy; Hurricane Isaac; many tornadoes; rampant wildfires all around the south, west, and central US; and severe flooding in many areas.  Naturally, the thought of all of these weather-related disasters would seemingly correlate to millions–or billions–of dollars in losses, both overall and insured.  And that’s correct.  But what may be surprising is that 2012, although record setting in many ways, did not top any lists when it came to loss amounts. Continue reading