Great Works of Art or Great Forgery?

The highest price paid for a work of art was $250 million in 2011. Obviously, there’s a lot of money in selling art. Unfortunately this also means there is a lot of money in producing forgeries.

TheProcuress_1490391cOne notable forger sold $60 million worth of phony Vermeers to a slew of people throughout Europe before being caught. When it comes to appraising fine art even the experts can get duped and when they do, buyers pay too high a price.  Continue reading

The Great Burglary Claim Con – Revealing Data

When it comes to risk management threats, burglary is pretty low on most insurers’ priority lists. Many carriers are more concerned about preventing catastrophic property losses, fatal motor vehicle accidents and scary liability exposures. After all, how much can a garden-variety burglary loss really cost?

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Boston: Home to the Red Sox, and our Customer Advisory Board

Enservio recently hosted the second of our twice annual Customer Advisory Board meetings in Boston, drawing an elite group of senior claims officers.  As always, the meetings are a great way to validate that our product direction is in synch with our customers’ needs and business plans.

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April Showers Bring…Increased Theft Claims?

Now that it’s April, apart from April showers and warmer temperatures, many Americans start thinking about the April 15th tax deadline that’s rapidly approaching. Not so coincidentally, the month of April typically sees a spike in the number of homeowner claims filed. You can probably guess the other time a similar increase in claims occurs – around the holidays later in the year. 

Presumably consumers panic when it comes time to pay their tax bills as well as get anxious about the need for extra cash around holiday time. A smaller spike occurs around August/September when tuition bills are traditionally due.  Continue reading