Unable to Cash Check, Homeowner must Stall Repairs

blog-image_2015-07-09Water seepage bubbles up through the floor boards from a broken pipe

My own home is a case in point for lessons learned on how not to settle a claim. Settlements ought to run smoothly. Claimants should not be inconvenienced with long wait times and step-by-step processes before receiving their funds. Insurers have been down this road a million times. If customer experience were so important, then why are homeowners left feeling alienated by the payment process, especially as it relates to third parties?

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Am I High Or Is My Stash Covered?

blog-image_2014-10-22Enservio customers have been asking: so what is the appropriate response to contents coverage pertaining to cannabis loss? Cannabis plants are valuable, and theft is not uncommon.

To follow ISO standards, the loss of a cannabis plant would typically amount to a $500 settlement. That’s what ISO standards cover for loss of “plants, trees and shrubs.” But these are not normal plants, and a lawsuit could certainly ensue. Insurers nationwide ought to be prepared to address these issues.

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Fuel Homeowner’s Profit Before Auto Runs Out of Gas

Like it or not, revenue and profitability in the auto segment are decelerating. Lower accident frequency, auto safety enhancements and vehicle crash avoidance features add up to fewer accidents and less risk to insure. Not to mention driver less cars on the horizon.

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Average Cost to House a baby? More than you think.

Baby Room

Babies are adorable. But expensive.

A baby crib and bedding, changing pad, stroller, highchair, car seat, sling carrier, doorway jumper, monitor, walker, bathing tray, diaper bag…  Did you know that Americans spend on average $2776 on such items for little baby Sue or Jimmy?

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Happy New Year Resolutions!

Resolved: 3 Tips for Protecting Against Losses Before They Happen

2013 One of the best things about the New Year is that it’s also a fresh start. It’s common for people to set goals for the New Year to better themselves or their situation in some way. One of the most common resolutions year after year, is to get more organized. Accordingly if you listen to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, it’s the perfect time for agents to encourage customers to take a good look at their policies to ensure adequate coverage in 2013. Continue reading