Use Technology to Speed Claims and Boost Customer Satisfaction

blog-image_2015-09-10An efficient workflow is the path to customer retention

It’s absolutely vital to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the current climate. According to a recent JD Power 2015 Claims Satisfaction Study, “23 percent of indifferent customers and 42 percent of displeased customers say they ‘will shop’ for a new provider during the next 12 months.”

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What does it take to be a champion? Grit

blog-image_2015-08-18Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” – Bill Bradley

‘When you win, win big’ should be the motto of PGA Championship winner Jason Day who beat the world’s number one ranked golfer Jordan Spieth by three strokes at the Sheboygan, Wisconsin tournament. Considered an also-ran, Day played in 20 majors and finished in the top 10 in more than half of them. At Whistling Straits he posted the lowest score in major history to win the top trophy in professional golf with a 20 under par.

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Cloud and Mobile Solutions for the Savvy Insurance Pro

blog-image_2015-06-02In the competitive world of insurance, more and more professionals are looking to technology to maximize their efficiency and find new ways of communicating effectively with clients and other stakeholders. There is an app for almost every task, large and small, but you need to choose carefully and have clear expectations to avoid frustration and disappointment.

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2015 Property Innovation Summit at a Glance

2015-05-11-News_Latest-NewsThis year’s Property Innovation Summit was keynoted by best-selling business book author and leadership consultant Jack Zenger, whose agency has conducted 360-degree feedback reviews with 80,000 Fortune 500 executives. “What do the best leaders share in common?” A willingness to challenge the status quo, powerful and clear communications, a focus on speed, developing a strategy collectively, reciprocal trust, accessibility, and having an intimately friendly relationship with co-workers. “Trust leads to greater innovation,” said Zenger. Continue reading

Partnerships, Customer Experience, Awards, Highlight 2014

blog-image_2015-02-17We’d like to take a moment to mention some of our 2014 company highlights.

We were fortunate to sign partnership deals including an agreement with Symbility Solutions to integrate our contents claims valuation software ContentsExpress™ with that vendor’s structural estimating cloud and mobile products. The combined solution creates a single application that adjusters can use to estimate and process both contents and structural claims in one fell swoop.

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Survey Shows Property has Innovation in its Future

Property Innovation SummitConferences provide a live forum to present ideas from thought leaders and generate dialogue. But the true measure of a good conference is when the audience feels it has a voice. Short of pulling the entire audience up on stage at this year’s Property Innovation Summit, we decided to take a survey to collect current thoughts on innovation.

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Innovation vs. Integration

InnovationOne of the problems with innovation, especially in our industry, is integrating the shiny, new toy into our existing infrastructure. The best-intentioned software falls flat on its collective faces if it requires a long integration timeline with an already overburdened IT department.  What’s worse, if the support engine requires further calories to create, the benefit of the solution may never be greenlighted by engineering or IT.

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Property Innovation Summit, Day 2

Yesterday, Day 1 of the Enservio Property Innovations Summit focused on how to create environments where innovation flourished. On Day 2, speakers focused on softer skills – how to be physically energized to be innovative as well as how to ensure the geniuses in your organization flourish, among other topics.

Because I’m not good at anything, I was eager to see and hear Tony Schwartz, the best-selling author of “Be Excellent at Anything.” Schwartz, who is a productivity guru (and very tall), focused on why 75 percent of all employees around the world feel disengaged at work every day. Continue reading

My First Property Innovation Summit

This was my first Property Innovation Summit – Enservio’s annual event that brings together the best and brightest minds in the insurance industry. I started this post thinking I would summarize some key innovation themes from the day’s events. The speakers were all so compelling, however, that I couldn’t resist pulling a few nuggets from each presentation: Continue reading