How to Tell a Fake from the Real McCoy

The strange man in a trench coat at the street corner is a classic cartoon image… “Have I got something to show you!” he says, opening his coat to reveal five rows of Rolex watches. In places like New York City, the trench coat has been upgraded to a folding table and chair. Louis Vuitton handbags, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Gucci heels, Michael Kors bracelets and the classic Rolex replicas …. Or are they knock-offs? We know these cheap products are counterfeits, but can you tell the difference between a replica and a knock-off? Your best guess at telling if something is a fake is to look at the label. On the item in question you see “Made in China.” You determine it’s a counterfeit. But, today many retail items on store shelves at your local mall are made in China and are indeed authentic designer brands.

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