Cool Stuff with ContentsExpress

As a trainer for our ContentsExpress adjustment and settlement software, I have the opportunity to see firsthand how our customers are using some of the great features the product offers.  ContentsExpress is an intuitive way to keep track of all of your contents claims – in effect, your very own claim repository, but two of the coolest features the software offers are often overlooked.  These include the payment tracker which provides you with an on demand view of all payments, and the recoverable depreciation module that makes quick work of painful receipt matching and calculations.

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A Day in the Life: How ContentsExpress Can Take You From Stressed to Impressed

Busy. That’s an understatement right?

As an adjuster, “busy” doesn’t begin to describe the day ahead of you.  You sip your morning coffee as you run out the door, and grab the many hats you’ll be wearing today – administrator, investigator, and complaint department, to name a few.

You arrive at your desk with claims already waiting for your attention, the same ones you couldn’t get through last night, and some new ones as well.  You may well begin your day searching and comparing prices online to start cutting away at that huge fire claim, trying to determine if those claimed items have realistic prices on them. (Is there really a $200 dustbuster out there?) Continue reading