Am I High Or Is My Stash Covered?

blog-image_2014-10-22Enservio customers have been asking: so what is the appropriate response to contents coverage pertaining to cannabis loss? Cannabis plants are valuable, and theft is not uncommon.

To follow ISO standards, the loss of a cannabis plant would typically amount to a $500 settlement. That’s what ISO standards cover for loss of “plants, trees and shrubs.” But these are not normal plants, and a lawsuit could certainly ensue. Insurers nationwide ought to be prepared to address these issues.

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How Insurers Can Gain Long-Term Revenue from Long-Term Renters

Most research indicates that people who came of age in the 2000s are primarily renters and will not own property until well into their late 30s. Demographic and economic trends support this assertion. Insurers battling with finding creative ways to sell policies to Millennials — those aged 23 to 35 and sometimes called Generation Y — may need to think differently.

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