Making it Right: Get in the Bathroom

Dorothy - Wizard of OzEveryone remembers the scene in the Wizard of Oz movie where Dorothy steps out of her house after the terrifying tornado to see….Oz.

Imagine a more chilling scenario where you step outside your home into the aftermath of a twister to see…nothing.

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Hurricane Ike Leads to New Career

I essentially manage and direct a group of 100 field reps that go out and capture inventory for all the large loss claims throughout the country. My team is known as the Service on Site group, or the SOS group. We’re constantly moving and shuffling based on the needs of our customers and carriers.

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Our Hearts are with You, Moore, OK

The nation has Moore, OK, in its thoughts, and we in Massachusetts are no exception.  Tragedies of this magnitude bring out the best in people with everyone trying to help.   We at Enservio spend hours helping people “get their stuff back” in all types of perils, but it is in scenarios such as this when our people really shine.

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