Can you Recognize Contraband?

blog-image_2015-01-14Webinar helps adjusters identify illicit goods

Think “contraband” and a pile of booted DVDs, iPads, Oxycontin and Rolex watches may pop in your head. But for property owners and claims adjusters, a contraband item may be the Persian rug under your feet that was purchased cheaply somewhere after the Iranian trade embargo. If an item is illegal to possess then it’s likely un-claimable.

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Don’t Take It Personal, but Commercial is Not Just About the Stuff

blog-image_2015-01-07It’s Tuesday before Thanksgiving and a request comes in via our website. We’re needed on-site for a new commercial loss. Sewage back-up, retail store; not clear as to the extent of the damage. A quick search on-line and we realize what we have here — a luxury children’s boutique in a high-end area that just got hit with dirty water, right at the heart of the holiday season. This is the policyholder’s busiest season and most crucial time of the year for their business.

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